How It All Started

The conception of Wicked Lix began simply enough.  My husband and I were attending a wedding reception, when a friend of the wedding party quietly crept over to us, as if to avoid detection. He opened up a portable cooler, exposing several jars of maraschino cherries, afloat in a dark liquid.  With an impish grin, he whispered with a raspy voice, “Wanna try some of Grandpa’s cherries?”

After some questioning, we discovered that the cherries had been “marinating” in full strength whiskey for over a year under Grandpa’s bed.  Agreeing to try one, “for fun,” we each bit into a tempting morsel, only to be sent reeling with the overpowering taste and intoxicating effect of the whiskey.

With curiosity and amusement, we watched as the trickster made his way through the rest of the unsuspecting crowd, thrilling and shocking each in turn with the enticing concoction.  While the crowd was fascinated and spellbound, we noticed that after one bite, nobody was brave enough to further sample the seemingly innocent fruits.

On the way home, we talked about how enthralled people were with the idea, but because the cherries were so strong, rather than being enjoyed, the result was disappointment. We wondered: Could we create our own tasty version of these sensations? We decided to try, vowing to make them enjoyable and fun for our friends and family at our next event.

We enjoy a large number of visitors to our house on the lake every summer, and recruited our guests to be testers for our new project. They sampled all kinds of variations of these tempting treats: different strengths and flavors of fruits and alcohols that we offered as an unusual condiment that delighted, captivated, and mesmerized them. (None of them seemed to mind the arduous duty of “strength trials”).

As years went by, people kept asking if we still made the cherries, whether there were any new combinations to try, and whether they could purchase these treats as gifts. It was then that we realized these novelties embodied the perfect balance of flavor and fun, and that they should be available to everyone!

Wicked Lix was born!

Suzi Broadwater

CEO and creator of Wicked Lix®

Suzi Broadwater – CEO and creator of Wicked Lix, was motivated by an introduction to whiskey soaked cherries at a wedding reception.  After observing the reactions to the too-strong novelty, she decided to develop her own, more appealing version.  After conducting years of strength trials, Wicked Lix was ready to deliver the perfect balance of fruit and liquor flavors – which has been captivating adults at an array of social affairs.