Forget the Glass, Eat your Wine

HELENA, Mont. – Entrepreneurs Suzi and Kendall Broadwater have created a delicious product to allow consumers to eat their wine. The newly established company, Wicked Lix produces a variety of wine infused fruits.

As with many entrepreneurs, there is an intriguing story behind the start up. While attending a wedding reception, a guest offered the Broadwaters a homemade concoction of cherries that had been soaked in whiskey for one year. Even though this created a very potent bite, it got the Broadwaters thinking about the concept. They developed several fruit and wine combinations and began sampling the morsels to friends and family. The refined result was met with overwhelming approval.

“Soon people were asking us if they could purchase these adult treats for gift giving and parties. We knew we were on to something and so we began exploring the idea of developing a business around these products,” explained Suzi.

The Broadwaters began searching for assistance in starting a food business and subsequently found the National Food Entrepreneur Program at the University of Nebraska Food Processing Center. The program provides assistance in all aspects of developing a product and business.

“We expected that starting a business would be a challenge, but for us, the most difficult aspect has been comprehending and complying with federal and state alcohol regulations. Another challenge is to help customers understand the products. Since it is such a unique concept, it requires more consumer education,” Suzi informed.

Currently, the Broadwaters are concentrating on promoting their products to liquor stores in Montana and the Midwest. Eventually they would like to expand to bars, restaurants, caterers, and gift shops across the United States as well as cruise ships.

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May 2, 2017


Suzi Broadwater


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